*While I maintain this site using the Hero 5th Edition, Hero 6th Edition is the current interation.
The Hero System: A basic set of rules that covers a wide variety of genres for roleplaying games.

Champions: Comic-book style superheroes. This is the genre most closely associated with the HERO System, and was also the title of the first HERO System game in 1981. Many players call the game system itself by the name "Champions," or consider that name interchangeable with the term "HERO System."

Fantasy Hero: Fantasy adventure typically featuring wizards, swordsmen, kings, quests, dragons, prophecies, and so on.

Star Hero: Science-Fiction and other futuristic settings.

Pulp Hero: Action-Adventure in the style of the 1920s-1930s pulp adventure magazines (flying aces, daring archaeologists, Nazis, masked men, gangsters, mad scientists, and so on).

Dark Champions: Modern-day Action Adventure such as non-superpowered vigilantes, military or law enforcement, international espionage, etc.

Horror Hero: Stories played for fright, usually featuring normal people facing (or fleeing) supernatural evil or other Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

Ninja Hero: Martial Arts adventure in the vein of wuxia cinema and similar tales.

Cyber Hero: Near-future (often dystopian) stories typically spotlighting the convergence of humanity and technology.

Post-Apocalyptic Hero: Adventure in worlds after the fall of an earlier civilization.

Western Hero: Sixguns and sheriffs in the American Wild West.

Robot Warriors: Anime-style Mecha adventure.

The Widening Gyre: Steampunk adventure.

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     Unlike most RPGs, Hero does not require random generation of characters.  You are in complete control of all you are.  You set your strength, you decide how fast you can fly, you pick which languages you can speak and you are the one to design the magic spells you prefer.  Hero uses a logical point system and a set cost for all characteristics, skills, powers and abilities.  You begin with a set amount Character Points, called CPs, and can increase these CPs by carefully selecting Disadvantages.  Disadvantages range from old age to a vulnerability to just about anything you choose.

    Characteristics cover all your Physical and Intellectual abilities, from strength to dexterity to presence to speed.  Skills range from Acrobatics to Weapons Skills and everything that you can think of is covered.  Powers, the meat of the system, let you fly and shoot fire bolts from you finger tips.  Want a lightning bolt that is Armor Piercing?  Okay.  Need a Force Field Hardened to stop that Armor Piercing Lightning Bolt?  Okay.  Anything, any power can be constructed through the Hero System.  The possibilities are endless.
    People are not all you can build.  How about a super car or a starship?  That secret base you've heard about?  Built by Hero!  Also, the vast number of Scenario books, Villains of all ilk, weapons, vehicles and Campaign books make for epic adventures.  Like a challenge?  Try the likes of Dr. Destroyer or if you are into something a bit easier, an orc.  Of course there are the usual, bank robberies, evil demons and falling babies.
     Okay . . . let's talk the important stuff . . . COMBAT. Oh the fun you can have with this system. None of that 'I'll attack' stuff. Let's hear 'I flick the selector to full autofire and fire an arc of bullets across the gang, as the barrel reaches the hostage I'll try to skip over her and hit the guy holding her arm.'. This is called 'Skip over spray fire'. You can dive for cover, dodge an attack or even reflect a shot back at your attacker. Cover is handled easily. Size of target is taken into account. Distance make it harder to hit the target, unless you're Ghost Archer with lots of levels at ranged combat. Want to kick a door down? Use your strength divided by 5 in d6 to determine damage. Oh, by the way, d6...that's it, nothing else . . . okay you might need a bunch, 10, 12, 20 maybe. Three d6 to determine if you hit and where you hit, then (X)d6 in damage dice.
     Ever had a 1st level character? You worry about ants killing you. Not so Hero. First . . . no levels. the experience you gain is directly spent improving your character. Second . . . STUN . . . this great idea is the amount of damage you can take before you pass out. Third . . . BODY . . . this is the amount of damage you can take before you die. Each attack does x amount of STUN and x amount of BODY. BODY is almost always a lot less than the STUN you take, Physical Defense or Energy Defense is subtracted from the STUN and BODY damage. Anything that is left is the damage you take, If you take an amount of BODY equal to your x2 your Body, you die. You can take STUN forever and just be out cold, of course it might take a while for you to wake up.

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