The Wild Hunt Campaign Ground Rules
General Description:  My campaign is a combination of the standard Champions Universe, much of the Marvel Universe and forays into Fantasy Hero, Dark Champions and Danger International.  Champions characters might find themselves in a fantasy realm, and have on more than one occasion, or fighting spies in Europe.  Conversely Fantasy Hero characters may find themselves hard pressed in a Champions world.
Importance of the PC's:  The characters are major players in the affairs of the worlds, ranging from world savers to minor crime stoppers.
Campaign Tone
Morality: 3: There is always a cross over between Good vs. Evil and there is rarely either absolute.
Realism: 3: Combat tends to be realistic, brutal, but non-combat story lines tend toward the romantic.
Outlook: 2: Most of the time everything will work out, provided the characters use their heads.
Seriousness: 3: At times deadly serious and other time totally ridiculous.
Continuity: 4: Almost all of the stories will intertwine but there will be single play scenarios just to let characters know the rest of the world is still out there.
Physical World (Description): The primary world for this campaign is much like present day Earth.  Energy weapons are available but mass production is curtailed by the government to prevent their spread.  Body armor has been improved but is still too expensive for civilians.  Force field technology is almost unknown except for a few talented individuals, most of whom would like to keep it secret.  Personal flight is becoming more and more common as the various agencies accelerate their arms race with their counterparts.  UNTIL, Primus, S.A.T., Viper, Genocide and others are producing various hi-tech weapons and protection that does manage to filter out to the general populace. 
The Wild Hunt has always travel through time and space seeking to help wherever it may.  There are times the group will find itself in a Fantasy setting or a Horror setting or, perhaps, even a Far Future setting.  In the past the Wild Hunt has been stranded, stripped of most of their powers for long periods of time.  The best advice that can be given is "Be prepared for anything!"
Character Building Guidelines
(  1) Starting Points for PC's:  200 points
(  2) Maximum Disadvantage Points for PC's:  150 points
       Maximum points from one Disadvantage Category:  75 points
(  3) Characters may take Characteristics Maxima Disadvantage:  Yes
(  4) Characters may carry normal technology at no cost:  Yes

Power Levels             Beginning Range              Maximum
Strength                                        -                                   100*
Dexterity                                       -                                     35*
Speed                                        4-6                                    7*
Attack Powers                       10+ DC                             20 DC
Defense Powers               20 total DEF                  70 total DEF 
Skill Rolls                                   11-                                  17-*
Combat Levels                            -                                      5*

*There will be exceptions to the above rules but each case must be reviewed by the GM

Generally, the only type character that can exceed a 35 DEX is a Speedster.
Generally, the only type characters that can exceed a 6 SPD is a Martial Artist or Speedster

Campaign Rules
(  5) Combat uses Hit Location Charts for Attacks on non-supers or for aimed shots
(  6) Knockdown Rules are not used
(  7) Long-Term Endurance Rules are used
(  8) Pushing Rules are used 
(  9) Optional Range Modifiers are used
(10) Wounding Rules are used
(11) Placed (Aimed) Shot Rules are used
(12) Special Hit Locations Rules are used
(13) Sectional Defenses Rules are used as appropriate
(14) Impairing Rules are used
(15) Disabling Rules are used
(16) Bleeding Rules are used
(17) Knockback Rules are used
(18) Endurance in Superheroic Campaign rules are used: 10 Active Points cost 1 END per Phase
(19) Healing Rules are used, however a wound may only have one Healing applied to it.
(20) Individual wounds are tracked in order to facilitate (19) above
(21) EGO can be used to resist Presence Attacks
(22) Characteristics placed in an Elemental Control/Multi-power must be approved
(23) Martial Arts may not be simulated by Powers if an appropriate maneuver is available

Optional Powers/Skills/Talents/ Maneuvers Used
(24) All Optional Combat Maneuvers

(25) Cloak: Ego-based Skill equates to "Mental Stealth": UM
(26) Facade: Ego-based Skill equates to "Mental Disguise": UM
(27) Veil: Ego-based Skill equates to "Mental Concealment": UM
(28) Latent Mentalist: Talent allows a character to be considered a "mentalist": UM
(29) Mental Defense: Considered a '"figured" characteristic: EGO/5=MD.  This "figured" Mental Defense does NOT satisfy NND requirements as a Defense.
(30) The Ultimate Mentalist: All Powers/Skills/ Talents
(31) The Ultimate Martial Artist: All Powers/Skills/Talents/Combat Maneuvers
(32) Dark Champions: All Powers/Skills/Talents/Combat Maneuvers

Advantages and Limitations
(33) Inherent: I don't like this Advantage, I don't use this Advantage, don't bother asking.

Changes In Standard Rules
(34) Cramming:  If the Skill being Crammed relates to a Skill Enhancer the Character possesses then the Skill Roll is 11- instead of just an 8-.
(35) Armor Piercing: For every point of Body scored the appropriate Defense is reduced by one.

Things I look at VERY closely or do not allow
(36) Damage Reduction: This one I RARELY allow unless the normal/resistant defenses are considerably reduced.
(37) Desolidification: There is an obvious danger of game unbalancing here and but as my own character has Desolidification I must consider it fairly.
(38) Extra-Dimensional Movement: I do not object to the power as it is, what I do limit is the Temporal ability.
(39) Regeneration:  Regeneration from death is annoying.  A character so equipped has no fear of death.  To counter this I will allow it but will restrict the time delay so it is all but impossible to return to a specific combat.
(40) Enter The Speed Zone: I do not allow this.

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