The Dresdenverse
According to RPG
*If JB will forgive me my errors
  1. Introduction
    1. Intent

                                          i.        I am not trying to provide an all-encompassing description of the Urban Fantasy genre but a description of a single setting.

    1. Result

                                          i.        I am providing some very restrictive conditions on many things; this does not mean there is only one way to do things in the Dresdenverse.  This is merely MY personal interpretation.  Please feel free to ignore it.

                                        ii.        I am perhaps stretching the rules on some points for the sake of capturing the desired effect, note rules on Thresholds, the Aura of Magic around wizards and the Magic Circle.

    1. Caveats

                                          i.        I cannot read the mind of JB, nor will I always correctly interpret all of his writings.  Sometimes this will be accidental, other times on purpose.

                                        ii.        I am attempting to capture the flavor of the setting and defining them as I see fit.  Some things have nothing to do with the Dresdenverse but I have added them for color because I think it’s a good idea.

                                       iii.        Some will complain that my two primary wizard characters are too powerful.  I am not going to debate this nor do I feel a need to defend it.  This is simply how I want it.  The same goes for some of my non-human characters.  They are as I wish them to be.

                                       iv.        All power Classes have been assigned by me and have nothing to do with any power levels JB might have envisioned.

  1. The World Mundane
    1. The Government

                                          i.        Current Position: The Government officially denies the existence of magic and magical creatures.

1.    The President of the United States is currently being tormented by an irate pixie (yes, the president has been pixilated (Pixilated, an adjective derived from pixie (a fairy elf), describes someone who is whimsical or bemused, slightly drunk (tipsy), or, according to Webster's, "somewhat unbalanced mentally.")  This particular pixie takes great delight in playing pixie tricks on  the Chief Executive of the United States and the President has ‘retaliated’ by creating a special branch of the FBI.  As yet, no one has been able to remove the pixie from the White House but then they haven’t asked the right people for help.

    1. The FBI

                                          i.        Omega

1.    Director: Richard Cramer

a.    Former California Attorney General

b.    Laurell Cramer, Wife

                                                                                          i.    Class 8, dormant until recently.

                                                                                        ii.    Wants a Mentor

c.    Gail Cramer, daughter, murdered by a corpsetaker.

                                                                                          i.    Jackie Spencer, a friend of Gail’s: used by corpsetaker to get to Gail

                                                                                        ii.    Devlin Watts, Jackie’s boy friend: used by corpsetaker to get to Jackie

2.    Omega Studies Team (OST): Responsible for fact gathering. (I.e. Reading up on pixie lore to determine how to get rid of one.)  OST is a group of scholars that specialize in the occult and studies in mythology and the like.  Many are considered ‘nuts’ or ‘crackpots’ but most are actually serious minded with some personal experience with magic or with a strong belief in it.

3.    Omega Response Team (ORT): Responsible for any combat action that might be needed. (I.e. Pixie hunting in the White House.  Black OPS specialists have been seen running through the halls of the White House in full combat gear searching for no one knows what.)  There is one team of ORT in each of the thirteen cities.  These men and women are all hardened veterans with actual first-hand experience in combat with creatures of the NeverNever.

4.    Omega Investigation Team (OIT): Responsible for investigating possible paranormal activities.  (I.e. The terrorist pixie plot directed against the President.)  Of all the divisions, this Team has the most number of skeptics.  By its very nature an investigative team some go in looking for answers, not pre-conceived ideas.  Every effort is made to keep them separated from the rest of OMEGA.  They are encouraged to report their finding, no matter how bazaar, in a straight forward and honest manner.  The plan is as members of OIT become more convinced of the existence of magic, to move them out to one of the other teams.  This will keep a group of skeptical eyes on things.

5.    Omega Consultant Team (OCT): Nicknamed ‘October’.  Actual members of the paranormal world.  (I.e. The ones to ask concerning the Great Pixie Invasion.)  So far this group is the smallest, only a half dozen.  The few that have joined have done so to prevent loss of life in the OMEGA teams as they investigate the supernatural.  This team is extremely closed-mouthed as they do not want to give away White Council secrets.  They do not meet; in fact, they have never met each other within the context of OCT.

6.    Team Locations: The thirteen cites were suggested by members of OCT (the number and location have been specifically selected for magical purposes).

a.    New York City

b.    Washington DC

c.    Chicago

d.    Atlanta

e.    New Orleans

f.     Dallas

g.    Miami

h.    St. Louis

i.      Denver

j.      Los Angeles

k.    San Francisco

                                                                                          i.    Ash Darke

l.      Seattle

m.   Detroit

                                        ii.        Oversight

1.    Senate Omega Committee consists of a bi-partisan group that has personally encountered the magic world in one form or another.   This committee has been selected by the President without consultation from the Senate and, as no member would have it known they even remotely believe in magic, it is not likely the Senate, as a whole, will ever be apprised of OMEGA’s existence.  The current committee consists of only nine members.  They meet rarely and always at the White House in the private quarters.  Even the Secret Service in general has been banned from these meetings however, there are two members of the Presidential team that are privilege to the true nature of OMEGA.  The OMEGA director, Richard Cramer, generally calls for a meeting when his investigations warrant it.  The President has called several meetings at odd hours after an especially annoying Pixie incident.  

                                       iii.        The White Council and the FBI

1.    At the moment, the White Council does not approve of their members becoming involved with Omega but no action is expected against those that choose to aid the government.  As long as the existence of the White Council is not disclosed of course.

    1. Local Law Enforcement

                                          i.        Palo Alto (Stanford University Campus)

1.    Paul Messinger, Lieutenant, Palo Alto Police, Homicide Division

a.    Believes in magic and magical creatures after encountering both several times. 

b.    Case: five murders in a Quik-Mart, including Ivy Nichols’ father, at the claws of a demon

c.    Case: Recent brutal rape and murder of several Stanford Co-eds by what appears to be a wolf.

2.    Sarah Messinger,

a.    Wife of Lieutenant Paul Messinger

b.    Pregnant with their first child.

c.    Student at Stanford University

                                                                                          i.    Student Advisor is Dr. Ash Darke

                                                                                        ii.    Attends Dr. Darke’s class on Archaeology

                                                                                       iii.    Art Major that wants to specialize in Archaeological drawings

  1. The White
    1. Wizards

                                          i.        Ash Darke

1.    American

2.    Class 1+

3.    Neutral-FBI

4.    Progressive

5.    Mentor to Ivy Nichols

6.    Lives in San Francisco

7.    Born in San Francisco, 1890

8.    Doesn’t like the Merlin much


                                        ii.        Ivy Nichols

1.    American

2.    Class 1+

3.    Neutral-FBI

4.    Progressive

5.    Daughter of Holly, former consort of Oberon

6.    Half-sister of Lily, the Summer Lady

7.    Apprenticed to Ash Darke

8.    Lives in San Francisco

9.    Born 1988 in Half Moon Bay

10. Hates the senior council.

11. Hates and distrusts the Merlin

12. Has a talent for ‘plant’ magic

    1. The White Council (anything not inferred by JB has been made up, deal)

                                          i.        The Merlin (Arthur Langtry)

1.    British

2.    Class 1

3.    Anti-FBI

4.    Traditional

5.    London

6.    Born 1736

7.    Looking for powerful allies in Dark and Nichols.

8.    Hasn’t come to grips with Nichols’ hostility.

                                        ii.        The Gatekeeper (Rashid)

1.    Arabic

2.    Class 1

3.    Pro-FBI

4.    Neutral

5.    Mecca

6.    Born 1693

                                       iii.        Ancient Mai

1.    Chinese Dragon?

2.    Class 1+

3.    Anti-FBI

4.    Traditional

5.    Beijing

6.    Age unknown

                                       iv.        Aleron La Fortier (recently murdered in Turn Coat)

1.    French

2.    Class 3

3.    Anti-FBI

4.    Traditional

5.    Paris in 1754

                                        v.        Martha Liberty

1.    African American (Former Slave?)

2.    Class 3

3.    Pro-FBI

4.    Progressive

5.    New Orleans in 1790

6.    Allied with Injun Joe and McCoy

                                       vi.        Joseph Listens To Wind (Injun Joe)

1.    Native American (Pre-Columbian?)

2.    Class 2

3.    Pro-FBI

4.    Progressive

5.    Expert shape shifter

6.    Medical doctor

7.    Uses ‘tribal’ magic

8.    Home Unknown

9.    Allied with Liberty and McCoy.

10. Knows Darke well

a.    May drop in now and then

b.    Sometimes brings Pre-Colombian finds

                                      vii.        Ebenezer McCoy (‘Blackstaff’)

1.    American

2.    Class 1+

3.    Pro-FBI

4.    Progressive

5.    Hog Hollows, Missouri in 1736

6.    Primary opponent of the Merlin

7.    In addition to the Wardens, the Council also secretly appoints one wizard to serve as its Blackstaff. The Blackstaff is given unique authority to violate the Seven Laws of Magic at his or her sole discretion without penalty—to be the Council's "wet work man", their covert assassin and counteragent. This was implemented as a last-ditch solution in situations where the Laws are being exploited to prevent the Council from taking necessary action against its enemies.

8.    He is old but hale, a short, stocky man in overalls, heavy working boots, and a flannel shirt. He has broad hands with scarred knuckles, and wears a plain steel ring on each index finger. A few white hairs drifted around his sun-toughened scalp. He has dark eyes, a severely annoyed expression, and he tends to call everyone ‘Hoss’.

    1. Other Wizards of Note

                                          i.        Mark Dayton

1.    Nuuk, Greenland

2.    Hedge wizard

3.    Class 7

4.    Fisherman

5.    Husband of Elisa

6.    Father of three boys

7.    Expectant father of twin girls.

8.    Old friend of Ash Darke.

9.    Town Mayor and chief immigration officer.

                                        ii.        Elisa Dayton

1.    Nuuk, Greenland

2.    Herbalist healer and trusted town ‘doctor’

3.    Hedge wizard

4.    Class 7 but can brew Class 5 potions.

5.    Wife of Mark Dayton

6.    Mother of three boys

7.    Expectant mother of twin girls.

8.    Old friend of Ash Darke.

    1. The Wardens

                                          i.        The Wardens enforce the Seven Laws of Magic, and are empowered to deliver summary judgment when confronting a violator of the Laws. This can be anything from advising new practitioners of the Laws, to delivering suspects to trial in front of the Senior Council, to simply beheading criminals in the field. During times of war (such as the current conflict with the Red Court), Wardens also serve as the White Council's military branch. The two "badges" of the office of Warden are their grey cloaks and silver long swords with the ability to break enchantments.

                                        ii.        There are three ranks, or grades, of Wardens.

1.    Captain: commands the entire force of Wardens

2.    Commander: commands significant forces of Wardens, such as a whole continent or part of a continent. Specific assignment may be established by the Captain. Commanders report to the Captain.

3.    [Ordinary] Warden: all other members of this force who are not Commanders or the Captain.

4.    It would appear that Warden rank nomenclature is more related to Navy grade nomenclature than Army.

                                       iii.        Ida May Hall

1.    American

2.    Class 4

3.    Uses Ice Magic

4.    Age: 147

5.    Isolationist

6.    Lives in Half Moon Bay

7.    Born 1860, Stockton, California

                                       iv.        Benjamin Leon

1.    American, Virgin Islander

2.    Class 7

3.    Former Squad Leader of Darke’s new team of Wardens

4.    Has been leading the team for nearly a year.

5.    Resents Darke.

6.    Treats female members of the team as second class wardens.

7.    ‘Always right.’

8.    Everything in the squad is set up ‘his’ way.

9.    Uses Earth Magic

10. Combat Ability: Fair

11. Born 1962, Age 46

12. Two daughters in college

13. Taking college courses himself

14. Field Civil Engineer for the state.

15. Argument with Ash Darke

                                        v.        Darke’s Warden Team

1.     Jennifer (Jen) Lawrence

a.    American

b.    Class 6

c.    Lesbian, in your face butch.

d.    Active in gay rights movement

e.    Mohawk, sides short, not shaved, dark brown

f.     Most likely to get beat up while drunk

g.    Uses Force Magic

h.    Tends to hit things headon and try to overpower them.

i.      Age 24

2.    Jenifer Gryphon

a.    American

b.    Class 5

c.    Single Mother

d.    Past the shoulders curly hair, color changes often.

e.    Uses Wind Magic

f.     Most likely to balk in combat.

g.    Age 24

h.    Beautiful

3.    Amanda Tyler

a.    American

b.    Class 7

c.    Medium brown hair to middle of back, brown eyes.

d.    Smallest member of the team (4’ 10”)

e.    Uses fire magic

f.     Age 23

4.    Heather McLea

a.    Scottish

b.    Class 6

c.    Past shoulder length deep red hair, straight

d.    Very naïve

e.    Youngest of the group

f.     Dating Kevin Dillon

g.    Uses Kinetic Energy Magic

h.    Age 21

5.    Jessica Winston

a.    American

b.    Class 5

c.    Shoulder length blonde hair, voluptuous figure

d.    Smartest of the group, though not the most skilled.

e.    Most likely to ‘call’ a superior on a regulation, also most likely to pose nude in a magazine.

f.     Uses Earth Magic

g.    Age 25

h.    Has a pet boa

i.      Party girl.

    1. The Fur

                                          i.        Noir

1.    As a cat

2.    As a girl

                                        ii.        Zeus

    1. The Church

                                          i.        The Knights

                                        ii.        Umbra Domini

1.    The Church cannot publicly acknowledge the existence of magic or such things as demon and vampire but this does not stop them from taking up arms against such creatures.

2.    The Umbra Domini (Shadow of God) was created in *1100 AD* at a time when magic was openly practiced and demons walked the Earth with little fear of being confronted.  A group of dedicated priests, all veterans of the Crusades

                                       iii.        The Magdalena

                                       iv.        Sheppard Dominic Tyler

  1. The Grey
    1. The Fellowship of St. Giles: San Francisco, St. Catherine’s cathedral.  The Fellowship is a Catholic sponsored organization made up entirely of pre-vampires.  Each was prevented from making the first kill that would turn them into a full Red Court vampire by either a member of the Fellowship or a Warden.  There are a very few exception to this, people particularly strong mentally, that refused to kill.  These suffered for a long time before finding the Fellowship and those few are the most revered of the organization.  They form the governing council of the Fellowship by dent of their will power.   The local San Francisco operatives are:

                                          i.        Dreadlock

1.    African American

2.    Pre-Red Vampire

3.    Class 10

4.    Combat Skill Level: High

5.    Ex-mobster bodyguard

6.    Infected by Christina Vallejo

7.    Born 1908 in Oakland

                                        ii.        Kerri Stevenson

1.    American

2.    Pre-Red Vampire

3.    Class 10

4.    Combat Skill Level: Good

5.    Ex-Cop

6.    Born 1978 in Berkeley

7.    Infected by unknown vampire

a.    Vampire killed by Ash Darke

  1. The Black
    1. Sorcerers

                                          i.        Lo Ping

1.    Chinese

2.    Class 4

3.    Deceased

    1. The Black Council (anything not inferred by JB has been made up, deal)

                                          i.        The Morgan La Fey (Clara Barrow) (It is always a woman that holds this title.)

1.    American

2.    Class 1

3.    Traditional

4.    Born Salem, 1677

5.    Involved in Salem Witch trials as a witness.

6.    Specializes in ‘mind control type’ magic.

                                        ii.        Augustus Thompson

1.    American

2.    Class 3

3.    Traditional

4.    Born NYC 1817

5.    Old New York City money

6.    Active in city politics but behind the scenes.

7.    Slum lord since the 1840’s, ‘family’ still owns many of the city’s worst areas.

8.    Specializes in fire magic.

                                       iii.        Caleb Knight (Caleb, Caleb Black, Caleb Knight, Black Knight

1.    African American

2.    Class 2

3.    Traditional

4.    Born Atlanta, 1850

5.    Born a slave, father was white.

6.    Former Black Panther

7.    AKA ‘Black’ Knight

8.    Lives in Detroit

9.    Primary ‘mover and shaker’ in the Detroit underworld (criminal, not magical)

10. Specializes in Thaumaturgy (Voodoo style) magic.

                                       iv.        Karen Troy (Laura Troy, Helen Troy, Elizabeth Troy) (Changes ID’s at ‘age’ 18)

1.    Karen (‘born’ 1990) is a high profile ‘celebrity’.

2.    Laura (‘born’ 1960) was a well-known ‘disco queen’.

3.    Helen (‘born’ 1930) was a well-known ‘50’s B movie queen.

4.    Elizabeth was an early silent movie extra and 20’s era flapper.

5.    American

6.    Class 2

7.    Progressive

8.    Born Los Angeles, 1900.

9.    Lives in Malibu beach house.

10. Goes through lovers like water generally killing them when she tires of them. (Does her killing the old fashion way, with a knife.)

11. Specializes in glamours and illusions.

                                        v.        Ingólfur Arnarson

1.    Icelandic

2.    Class 3

3.    Progressive

4.    Born Reykjavík, 1870

5.    Former Prime Minister of Iceland

6.    Specializes in ice magic.

                                       vi.        Christina Vallejo

1.    Red Court Vampire

2.    Class 10

3.    Neutral

4.    Born Mexico City, 1780

5.    Turned near Monterey, Alta California, 1797

6.    Lives on a ranch in Nevada

                                      vii.        Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, KG, PC

1.    English

2.    Class 3

3.    Traditional

4.    Born 1852, Morley, West Yorkshire

5.    Former British Prime Minister

6.    Lives on ‘family’ estate, passes down his title and estate to himself with each generation.

7.    Specializes in the telepathy side of magic preferring to learn and use secrets for power.

                                    viii.        The Cowl (‘Blackstaff’)

1.    Unknown

2.    Class 1

3.    Neutral

4.    Born Madrid, Spain, 1682

5.    Lives on Gibraltar

6.    Specializes in ‘wind’ magic including airborne toxins and diseases

  1. Vampires and Other Sucky Things
    1. The Black Court

1.    The Black Court comprises the most well-known kind of vampire, the reanimated bloodthirsty corpses popularized by Bram Stoker's Dracula. In fact, in the Dresdenverse, the publication of that book at the behest of the White Council is believed to be the primary cause of the Court's downfall, as Stoker supposedly published the book as a "how-to" manual to hunt the Black Court. Black Court vampires still inhabit the human bodies that they lived in before they were turned into vampires, with the only difference being their bodies rotting like zombies in the time that they have been undead. Black Court vampires possess all the classic strengths and weaknesses of Stoker's Dracula: they can lift and throw cars with one hand and crash through concrete walls without harm; but must sleep in their native soil and fear sunlight, garlic and objects of faith. Mavra, an ancient Black Court vampire, has demonstrated the ability to use magic in the same way wizards do. The Black Court is currently the smallest and (politically) weakest of the Courts, although those few who survived the purges caused by Stoker's book are among the strongest and most cunning monsters in the world by virtue of sheer Darwinian necessity.

2.    Garlic, Holy Symbols, Holy Water, Sun light, stake in the heart, beheading, running water, must be invited, sleep in coffin, rest in home soil, change to bats, change to mist, change to wolf,

3.    Thralls: aka Renfields.  (Human servants under the thrall of a master vampire.)

a.    Acts as the protector of the sleeping vampires during the daytime hours.

b.    Acts in a hope of being turned.

c.    Gradually becomes more and more depraved.

    1. The Red Court

                                          i.        The Red Court Vampires are least human of the courts. Instead they are slimy bat-like creatures hidden behind incredibly sensuous human costumes (made of an outer skin). They use these costumes to trick their prey into being more comfortable and to hide in plain sight. They are incredibly strong and fast, and can shake off any injury quickly.

                                        ii.        The Red Court is vulnerable to sunlight and by having their bellies cut open, which can spill the blood they have drunk and eventually kill them.

                                       iii.        Their saliva contains a potent magical narcotic which gives the prey a euphoric feeling and is highly addictive, allowing the Red Court to control their victims rather easily. The narcotic lowers the victim's inhibitions while dulling the pain of the vampire's bite. Addicted humans have been shown to go to great lengths to protect their vampiric masters, and willingly provide information from the mortal community as needed.

                                       iv.        The Red Court is also capable of transforming ordinary humans into vampires in a two-step process: the human is first infected with the vampiric thirst for blood (gaining supernatural speed, strength and endurance in the process) and then completes the change into the demonic form upon killing a human victim in their first feeding. Infected humans with sufficient strength of will have been known to refrain from feeding for an indefinite length of time (magical bonds, regular exposure to sunlight, and avoiding physical intimacy all help), but no cure has yet been found for the "half-vampire" infected state. It is intimated that the Faerie Queen mothers, or a being of similar power, could cure, or rather completely destroy, the vampiric infection with a magic known as an Unraveling.  Their hunger for blood makes controlling their emotions very difficult, and when in a situation where emotions run high (such as during a fight or when engaged in physical intimacy), it is much easier for them to lose control.

                                        v.        The Red Court is highly organized in a feudalistic system with a King at the top, followed by Dukes and other ranks. Currently, the Red Court is waging a war against the White Council in an effort to destroy them.

1.    Baroness Christina Vallejo

a.    Spanish

b.    First encounter with Ash Darke in June of 1937

c.    Class 10

d.    Political Power: High

                                       vi.        Thralls

1.    Addicted to the Red Court saliva.

2.    Slavishly loyal.

3.    Act as intermediaries with the human world.

    1. The White Court

                                          i.        This Court is the most human-like group of vampires. They are similar to succubi and incubi, feeding off the emotions and life force of their prey. They are born to it, rather that being created, as is the case with Black and Red Court. They are for all intents and purposes human until it manifests sometime around the age of their majority. As with the Red court their first feeding, with its subsequent and almost inevitable kill, marks their full transformation.

                                        ii.        The White Court is not endowed with as much physical strength as the Red or Black courts under normal circumstances, but they make up for it by having far fewer vulnerabilities. Sunlight and symbols of faith do not harm them at all (Thomas feels "uneasy" at the thought of entering a church, but this is possibly due more to his own guilt than any objective vulnerability, as he was in fact able to enter the church). Their power derives from an internal demonic essence they call the "Hunger" which acts like a battery. If they refrain from feeding for too long, the "Hunger" drives them into a frenzy where they must feed (almost always killing their victims), and can drive them permanently insane. When needed, they tap this store of energy to augment their strength, speed, resilience, and healing ability far beyond normal; while doing this, they radiate waves of cold (possibly an illusory reaction of normal humans to their energy sink), their skin whitens, and their eyes turn an unnatural silver. White Court vampire blood is pinkish instead of red.

                                       iii.        Their largest weakness is true love: people who are, or have recently been, in real, affectionate and sacrificial love are highly resistant to White Court control, and can even physically burn and blister vampire skin. Also, White Court vampires are born, not turned like Red and Black Court vampires; if the offspring of a White Court falls in love with someone that feels the same way before feeding for the first time, the love can destroy the demonic side before it can manifest allowing the person to live a normal, mortal life.

                                       iv.        Unlike the other courts, the White Court prefers to avoid direct confrontation. They are a court of schemers and prefer to stab each other in the back in exquisitely detailed plots to impress the others in the Court. At the moment Thomas's father is, in name only, the King of the White Court. In reality, Thomas's older sister Lara is in charge, pulling the strings from the background to keep up appearance.

                                        v.        There are different Houses of the White Court, each comprising a close-knit family. There is much in-fighting between the Houses, but House Raith is considered to be the most powerful. The Houses are mainly distinguished by their choice of emotions to feed upon, but this has been represented as a strong preference rather than a restriction

1.    House Raith

a.    Those of House Raith are sexual predators, using their supernatural good looks and psychic aura to attract both men and women. During intercourse, or any contact where emotions like lust are heightened, they feed off their prey. Victims of the feedings of House Raith grow to enjoy the experience and become bonded to their predator like a drug addiction.

b.    Lucretia Raith

                                                                                          i.    French

                                                                                        ii.    Class 5

                                                                                       iii.    Political Power: Very High

c.    Victoria Raith

                                                                                          i.    American

                                                                                        ii.    Class 10

                                                                                       iii.    Political Power: High

                                                                                       iv.    Has not made first kill

                                                                                        v.    Born 1990

d.    Thralls

                                                                                          i.    Literally sex slaves.

                                                                                        ii.    Probably as dedicated to their master as Red Court thralls but without the necessities of the Red Court saliva.  Loyal through sensation and lust.

2.    House Malvora

a.    House Malvora's members feed off fear. Most prefer very strong fear such as that of being in a potentially deadly situation, but some (such as Thomas's cousin Madrigal) satisfy themselves with smaller scares like those created by horror and slasher movies, of which Madrigal is a writer and director.

b.    Niccolò Ferrero

c.    Thralls

                                                                                          i.    Rare thrill seekers who don’t usually last very long.

3.    House Skavis

a.    The vampires of House Skavis feed off despair, preferring to drive a victim into the depths of depression and in many cases driving them to suicide

b.    Thralls

                                                                                          i.    Probably no such thing as depression and despair is the point followed quickly by suicide.

    1. The Jade Court (never described by JB)

                                          i.        Chiang-shihs were nocturnal creatures and had difficulties crossing running water. It was said that they were particularly vicious and ripped the head or limbs off their victims. They were also said to have a strong sexual drive which led them to attack and rape women. After a period of growing stronger, chiang-shihs would gain the ability to fly, grow long white hair, and possibly change into wolves.  They can be evaded by holding one's breath, as they are blind and track living creatures by detecting their breathing. People also protected themselves from chiang-shih by using garlic or salt. They were driven away with loud noises, and it was thought that thunder could kill them. Brooms were used to sweep the creature back to its resting spot, while iron filings, rice, and red peas were used as barriers. If a chiang-shih reached its flying, white-haired stage, it could only be killed by a bullet or thunder. Its body must then be cremated.

                                        ii.        Usually villages that are 'infested' with vampire occurrences recruit a Taoist priest to perform a 'ceremony' to exorcise the negative energy. Taoist Priests traditionally rely on talismans-yellow paper strips with illegible characters written in red ink or blood. It is commonly believed that with incantations the priest can 'activate' the talisman, which can totally inhibit a vampire's actions when applied to it's forehead area, thus putting the vampire under a spell. The priest will then, after subduing the vampire(s), use a special bell, which with every ring, will command the vampires to take a single jump. Should the vampire be too strong to subdue, the priest usually draws upon a wooden sword, or a sword made entirely of copper coins linked by a red string as a weapon. Although Taoist priests nowadays do not go 'capturing' vampires, they still perform ceremonies of exorcism from "unclean spirits" and still commonly use talismans.

                                       iii.        They are said to be created when a person's soul fails to leave the deceased's body. Usually chiang-shih were created after a particularly violent death, such as a suicide, hanging, drowning, or smothering. It could also be a result of an improper burial, as it was thought that the dead would become restless if their burial was postponed after their death. The chiang-shih were not known to rise from the grave, so their transformation had to take place prior to burial

1.    Gao Sheng-Li

                                       iv.        Thralls


  1. Werewolves and Other Hairy Monsters
    1. Werewolves

                                          i.        A human turned into a normal wolf by means of a spell that they cast themselves.  Their intellect and personality do not change.

                                        ii.        A human turned into a normal wolf by mean of a spell that is cast by another.  Their intellect and personality become lost in the new form’s instincts leaving them a true wolf.  It is possible for a strong-willed person to resist this loss of personality for several years but the result will eventually be the same.

                                       iii.        These werewolves are treated as a normal wolf.  The state is not transferrable through a bite nor is silver required to kill one.  Phases of the moon do not affect the transformation as it is brought about by a spell.

                                       iv.        JB’s Alphas are this type of werewolf.

    1. The Hexenwulf

                                          i.        Becomes a ‘super’ wolf by the use of a magic item, usually a belt made of wolf skin called a wolf pelt belt.

1.    Much larger than a normal wolf with enhanced strength, speed and resistance to damage.

                                        ii.        Use of the item is addictive

                                       iii.        User tends to loose civilized control and becomes more immediate.

                                       iv.        Can be forced back to human form by removing the item.

                                        v.        Can be killed with mundane weapons, eventually.

                                       vi.        Ryan Shockley

    1. Lycanthropes

                                          i.        Berserkers that do not change externally but are inhabited by a wolf spirit.

                                        ii.        Become stronger, faster, and more resistant to pain.  Heal faster.

                                       iii.        Can be killed with mundane weapons, eventually.

                                       iv.        Pack mentality – an Alpha controls the pack,

    1. Loupe Garou

                                          i.        Cursed by a powerful being, demon, godling, Sidhe, Saint, etc.

                                        ii.        Closest thing to a ‘movie’ werewolf.

                                       iii.        EXTREMELY strong and fast.

                                       iv.        Regeneration allows almost instant recovery for wounds.

                                        v.        Can only be hurt/killed by weapons made with inherited silver.

  1. Other Things That Will Eat You
    1. Corpsetakers: 

                                          i.        Possibly a spirit that can only manifest physically by stealing the body of a human.  Once they have transferred to the new body, they will always kill the old one, thereby killing the spirit of their newly stolen body.

                                        ii.        Origin:

    1. Demons:

                                          i.        Demons don’t really pay any attention to the human world unless they are summoned.  Then they are pissed and want to eat everything they can.  To call a demon is a dangerous thing and requires the demon’s true name and a battle of wills once the demon has answered the summons. 

                                        ii.        It is impossible to kill a demon in the human world as they manifest a body made of ectoplasm and it is this that is destroyed freeing the demon to return from wince it came.

                                       iii.        Demons are always evil.

                                       iv.        Demons have two rules:  Escape from any magic circle and kill the one that summoned them.

                                        v.        Demons cannot remain in the human world once the sun rises.

                                       vi.        Really hates being in the mortal world.

                                      vii.        Consummate con-man

    1. Ghouls
    2. Skinwalkers:

                                          i.        Similar to a corpsetaker in that it steals the identity of it’s victim.  It utilizes a very different method.  It will strip the skin from the body of the victim and wear it.  The skin can be damaged as if it were a suit of clothes.

    1. Skinwalkers II:

                                          i.        Powerful, ancient shape shifter.

                                        ii.        Normally rooted to a traditional location but can pursue a victim amazing distances.

                                       iii.        Nearly impossible to stop unless you are Injun Joe

    1. Trolls

                                          i.        Like to live under bridges

                                        ii.        Prefer to eat Billy goats.

                                       iii.        May go on a killing rampage if they develop a taste for human flesh.

                                       iv.        Huge, strong, slow and not all that bright.

                                        v.        Have been known to rape human woman thereby producing a half-troll.

  1. Spirits
    1. Air Spirits
    2. Bear Spirits
    3. Oracle Spirits

                                          i.        Lure: whiskey and tobacco

  1. The NeverNever
    1. Sidhe: pronounced she

                                          i.        Cannot lie but can twists words extremely well

                                        ii.        Always keep their word, at least to the letter, not always the intend

                                       iii.        Bound by Unseelie Accords

                                       iv.        Bound Laws of Hospitality

                                        v.        Expert negotiators

    1. Iron

                                          i.        This definition of iron includes anything with the base iron mineral as a component.  It would not include weapons made of pure silver, aluminum, titanium or other non-ferrous metals.

                                        ii.        All Sidhe take 2x STUN/BODY from Iron Weapons.

                                       iii.        All Sidhe take Susceptible to Iron: 1d6 Damage per phase.

                                       iv.        All Sidhe fear Iron no matter how strong they are.  Luckily it is extremely rare in the NeverNever so Psychological Limitations: Fears Iron would be Uncommon, Strong.  More powerful Sidhe could reduce that fear to Uncommon, Moderate if they wish but not get rid of it entirely.

                                        v.        A piece of iron dropped in the NeverNever would act like rust on the very fabric of the world, slowly spreading and destroying everything in its path. (My idea, not the author’s)

    1. The Seelie Court

                                          i.        Mother Summer

                                        ii.        Summer Queen (Titania)

                                       iii.        Summer Lady (Lily)

                                       iv.        Summer Knight (Fix)

                                        v.        Lord Oberon

                                       vi.        Holly

    1. The Unseelie Court

                                          i.        Mother Winter

                                        ii.        Winter Queen (Ma’ab)

                                       iii.        Winter Lady (Maeve)

                                       iv.        Winter Knight (Lloyd Slate)

    1. The Wyldfey

                                          i.        The Erlking

1.    On par with Titania and Ma’ab

                                        ii.        The Wild Hunt

1.    Join the hunt or become the hunted.

                                       iii.        Dewdrop Faeries

1.    Easily trapped with milk, bread, honey and blood.

2.    Really prefer organic milk and bread.

3.    Class 8, some few as high as Class 7

4.    Enjoy watching human ‘sport’

5.    Terrible short-term memory

    1. The Topography of Summer

                                          i.        Rolling green hills

                                        ii.        No real mountains though mountains appear on the horizon but are impossible to reach.


  1. The Law in the Magic World
    1. The Seven Laws

                                          i.        Thou shalt not kill by use of magic.

                                        ii.        Thou shalt not transform others.

                                       iii.        Thou shalt not invade the mind of another.

                                       iv.        Thou shalt not enthrall another.

                                        v.        Thou shalt not reach beyond the borders of life.

                                       vi.        Thou shalt not swim against the Currents of Time.

                                      vii.        Thou shalt not seek beyond the Outer Gates.

    1. The Unseelie Accords

                                          i.        Establish Neutral Territory

1.    All major cities will have at least one agreed upon area of neutral ground.  This ‘ground’ is to be comfortable for all sides as well as hospitable.  i.e. McAnally’s in Chicago

                                        ii.        Establish Cease-Fire Agreements

                                       iii.        Establish Rules of War

                                       iv.        Establish Rules of Etiquette

1.    Code Duello: this is a code of honor that allows personal duels between various factions.  It does not cover a duel between beings of the same faction.

                                        v.        Establishes Rules of Peace

    1. The Rules of Hospitality 

                                          i.        The respect from host to guest:  The host must be hospitable to the guest and provide him with food and drink and a bath, if required.  It is not polite to ask questions until the guest has sated his desire.

                                        ii.        The respect from guest to host: The guest must be courteous to his host and not be a burden.

                                       iii.        The parting gift from host to guest: The parting gift is to show the host's honor at receiving the guest.  It is customary for the guest to return a gift of like value if it is within their means.

                                       iv.        The guest must respect other guests of the host no matter that they be enemies.

                                        v.        All guests are under the protection of the host and it is bad manners to attack another guest in any way. (Subtle verbal attacks seem to escape this rule and it is not uncommon for verbal joisting to be the highlight of the visit.)

                                       vi.        Should a guest violate Hospitality, the protection of the host is forfeit.

  1. Character Creation
    1. Magic in General

                                          i.        Magic is more believable to ‘backwards’ types (uneducated, culturally or technologically behind the times, and the more spiritual though only if the first two apply. 

                                        ii.        Modern humans ‘see’ magic around them and tend to mentally explain it away without conscious thought.

                                       iii.        Magic is more prevalent in ‘modern’ societies.  Places like Europe and the US have a disproportional level of powerful wizards.  Also, major cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Moscow etc. have stronger magic then the rest of the home nation and even in countries like the U.S. the magic isn’t spread uniformly.

                                       iv.        Magic seems to manifest in places of disbelief.  It is speculated it may be a form of magical self-preservation, magic attempting to concentrate on these areas in order to wipe them out. 

                                        v.        Higher Tech Equals Stronger Magic: Magic is stronger around technology because it requires more work to overcome the tech interference. (Body building for Magic?)

                                       vi.        Lay Lines:

    1. Human Magic

                                          i.        I came to a conclusion after reading the books that human magic is cast not from the mind but the will.  Therefore I decided to use EGO as the basis for the skill required to actually cast a spell.  I call this skill Force of Will   It is 3 points and is EGO-based.  Magic Research and the Magic Skill required to change spells of a wizard’s VPP remain INT-based.  The EGO-based Force of Will does not mean magic has become a Mental Power; just that EGO is used to determine if a Spell is successfully cast.  Perhaps a Force of Will modifier of some sort?

                                        ii.        Power Levels: Power Levels at the level of magical potential in a wizard.  Power Levels must be approved by the GM.  Note: this is just a label, nothing more.

1.    Innate Magic: 1 CP

2.    Class 10: Magically Unaware: No Magic (the vast majority of mortals): 0 CP

3.    Class 9: Magical Novice: 1-10 CP (maybe 10000 in a population of 250 million.): 5 CP

4.    Class 8: Magical Amateur: 11-20 CP (maybe 3000 in a population of 250 million.): 10 CP

5.    Class 7: Magical Talent: 21-30 CP (maybe 1000 in a population of 250 million.): 15 CP

6.    Class 6: Magical Journeyman: 31-40 CP (maybe 500 in a population of 250 million.): 20 CP

7.    Class 5: Magical Practitioner: 41-50 CP (maybe 150 in a population of 250 million.): 25 CP

8.    Class 4: Magical Adept: 51-60 CP (maybe 100 in a population of 250 million.): 30 CP

9.    Class 3: Magical Master: 61-70 CP (maybe 50 to 80 in a population of 250 million.): 35 CP

10. Class 2: Magical Genius: 71-80 CP (maybe 30 to 50 in a population of 250 million.): 40 CP

11. Class 1: Magically Gifted: 81-90 CP (an extremely small number, 10 to 15 in a population of 250 million.): 45 CP

12. Class 1+: Magical Savant: 91< CP (an extremely small number maybe 10 to 15 in the world): 50 CP

                                       iii.        Magic Pools: Magic is extremely versatile and to capture this concept I have decided to use the Variable Power Pool for ALL mortal magic practitioners.

1.    All spells within a Magic Pool must take All Powers Must Cost END (-1/4).  Note: this should include spells that have charges such as Potions.  It must require an expenditure of END to cast in all cases.  I will not allow a spell to be purchased Reduced END as this seems contrary to JB’s writings.

2.    All powers must take Spell (-1/2).

3.    All VPPs must take the Side Effect: Magic Aura: 3d6 damage (only affects Technology near the character, randomly occurs unless the character becomes emotional then it always occurs; -½).

a.    This is a quick and easy way to simulate the problems of a wizard around technology and the GM will be able to play around with it as the situation requires.

b.    This Side Effect occurs more readily the more advanced the technology.  Its effect is significantly lessened with tech before about 1950 according to the author.  I have altered this somewhat to about 1945 and pretty much leave tech that old alone.  Because of this, wizards tend to drive very old cars and can fly in very old planes.  Also World War II radios and such can actually work without too much chance of them burning up.  Of course I leave open the possibility of a burn out at a critical time just for the sake of the story.

c.    As a more or less ‘free’ power I allow a wizard to make this Side Effect happen if he/she chooses.  This represents JB’s regular use of a hex to fry technology.  I consider this more of a Special Effect than power.

4.    A wizard may create a number of spells equal to his INT prior to beginning play.  Any spells beyond this must be created within the framework of the on-going game.

                                       iv.        Thaumaturgy: requires targeting focus (i.e. part of the target, a poppet or a really good photo) (OAF Focus -1).  Often combined with Ritual Magic.

                                        v.        Evocation: raw magic, nothing required but the will to do it (Force of Will roll)

                                       vi.        Summoning: true name required.  Magic circle useful and SMART but not necessarily required.

                                      vii.        Ritual Magic: varies, but usually requires a lot of preparations and more people than the casting wizard.

                                    viii.        Black Magic: any magic that breaks the Laws of Magic including but not limited to, Mind Control, Necromancy and Transformations not to mention normal attack spells.

                                       ix.        Flight:  flying is probably one of the most popular things a person of power can do in any genre.  I assume this setting would be much the same; however I have not noted any instance of a human wizard using magic for anything resembling true flight.  Therefore I have banned human wizards from true flight.  I feel this is a limitation in their magic and may alter my opinion in the future as one player’s character is determined to be the first wizard to truly fly.  Note, this restriction applies only to personal flight, it does not stop a wizard from throwing a target around with a power that simulates Flight Usable On Others.  Also, I see no need to place this same restriction of other forms of movement such as Leaping.  I feel Harry Dresden has quite clearly used such a power in the final encounter in Storm Front

                                        x.        Words: The use of ‘magic’ words for a spell can be taken as an Incantation, I suppose but JB pretty clearly states the Words are really just a trigger that fires the spell.  I look at this as similar to a martial artist’s kiai, a short shout usually linked to the inner amassing of energy released in a single explosive focus of will. 

                                       xi.        Potions

1.    In the Dresdenverse a potion consists of eight components: a base, one for each of the five senses, one for the mind and one for the spirit.

2.    I have given Ash Darke a particular advantage in the he was taught potions by a naga and so uses the standard eight parts but adds a ninth, one for the heart.  The heart component is only added to potions with good intent and would not serve for potions such as Harry’s Escape Potion from Storm Front.  It would, however, be included in the Love Potion from the same book and the results are considerably more powerful then an eight part potion.

3.    Potions are usually good for about three to seven days but this can vary as the GM sees fit.

4.    A potion’s effect will normally end at sunrise if not sooner.

                                      xii.        Wizard Package

1.    Wizard’s Sight

a.    Wizard's Sight:  Detect The True Nature Of Things,  Perception Roll (Sight Group), Discriminatory, Analyze, Inherent (+¼); Extra Time (Full Phase, -½), Leaves Permanent Memory Of What Is Seen (-½) (9 Real Points)

2.    Soul Gaze

a.    Soul Gaze:  Telepathy 4d6, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½), Continuous (+1), Cumulative (96 points; +1); Eye Contact Required (-1), Only To Read The 'Soul' (-1), Humans Only (-½), Either Party May Break Contact (-½), No Range (-½), Does Not Provide Mental Awareness (-¼) (15 Real Points)

3.    Aging

a.    Wizard’s Longevity: Life Support (Longevity: 400 Years): (2 Real Points)

4.    Regeneration

a.    Wizard's Regeneration:  Healing 1d6, Can Heal Limbs, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½), Persistent (+½); Extra Time (1 Month, -5), Self Only (-½) (5 Real Points)

                                    xiii.        Magic Items

1.    Wizard’s Staff

a.    Increases casters power:  Aid, any one Magic Spell one at a time (+1/4); OAF (-1); Self Only (-1/2).

b.    Increases user’s spell casting skill: + X with Force of Will; OAF (-1).

c.    Is a weapon in itself: Hand-To-Hand Attack +d6, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2); OAF (-1), Hand-To-Hand Attack (-1/2).

2.    Blasting Rods

a.    Makes it less tiring to cast a specific combat spell: Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/2) for up to the Active Points of the attack spell; OAF (-1), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4).

b.    Makes a specific combat spell more accurate: +OCV with a Specific Spell Only; OAF (-1), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4).

3.    Other Items

a.    Charms

                                                                                          i.    Cast on an object, the charm is good for about a year.

                                    xiv.        Long Term Spells: it is possible to cast a spell on a being that will last for a very long time, perhaps generations: i.e. curses such as the loupe garou

1.    Long term spells require a focus that is part of the target of the spell: i.e. blood etc.

2.    Long term spells can be a transformation without violating the Laws of Magic.

3.    Example:

    1. Sidhe Magic

                                          i.        Much as human magic, Sidhe magic is determined by the will of the caster.  Magic Skill is EGO-based rather than INT-based.

                                        ii.        Unlike human magic Sidhe magic power pools are ‘Cosmic’ and require no special training or any of the more common human magic limitations to achieve a desired affect, hence Sidhe magic is inherently more powerful than human magic.

                                       iii.        Sidhe magic power levels change as the individual Sidhe gains in power and prestige.  For instance, the three most powerful Sidhe are the Summer and Winter Queens and the Erlking closely followed by the Summer and Winter Ladies.  Mother Summer and Mother Winter give the majority of their power to the new queen when they attain the status of Mother.

                                       iv.        Magic Power is inherited from the Sidhe’s immediate predecessor.

    1. Scholarly Magic

                                          i.        There are few examples of non-human/non-Sidhe magic users but Mavra of the Black Court is one such.  To take this into account, I have determined those not born to magic can learn it but only after a great deal of study and with a willing teacher.  This teacher must be a trained Scholar Mage and a natural wizard cannot teach what is not natural.

                                        ii.        All Scholar Magic skill is INT-based as it takes knowledge to successfully cast this type of magic.  As with human magic, changing the spell in a Magic Power Pool is still an INT-based roll as is Magic Research.

                                       iii.        A power level should be established by the GM for each character but that level should be not be on par with natural magic users, such as humans and the Sidhe.  I plan to limit Scholar magic to a maximum of 60 AP.

    1. Thresholds

                                          i.        A threshold is a magical barrier that builds up over years by simply living in a home.  It grows stronger the longer the residents live there and is more powerful if the residents are a family unit.

1.    Perhaps give the threshold a power level rating based on modifications to the EGO Roll?

a.    Any non-residence such as a hotel: +5 EGO roll: Everyone goes in and out of hotels and such.

b.    Short term home for a single: -1 EGO Roll

c.    Short term home for a couple: -2 EGO Roll

d.    Mid-term home for a single: -2 EGO Roll

e.    Short term home for a family: -3  EGO Roll

f.     Mid -term home for a couple: -3 EGO Roll

g.    Long term home for a single: -3 EGO Roll

h.    Mid-term home for a family: -4 EGO Roll

i.      Long term home for a couple: -4 EGO Roll

j.      Multi-generational home for a single: -4 EGO Roll

k.    Long term home for a family: -5  EGO Roll

l.      Multi-generational home for a couple: -5 EGO Roll

m.   Multi-generational home for a family: -6 EGO Roll

n.    Short term might be up to about 5 years.

o.    Mid-term up to about 20 years

p.    Long term is anything greater than 20 years

                                        ii.        After considering many options to simulate a threshold’s affect on a wizard I decided to take the easy way out and add the following Limitation to ALL spell casters:  Physical Limitation:  Magic power reduced by 75% when crossing a threshold uninvited (Infrequently, Greatly Impairing) (10 Points).

                                       iii.        In the case of uninvited creatures of the NeverNever or the Underworld, the threshold acts as a wall and can be penetrated with enough strength of will by the attacker.  To represent this I have decided to add the following to all such beings:  Physical Limitation:  Cannot cross a threshold unless it makes a successful Skill vs. Skill EGO roll against the resident with the highest EGO (Infrequently, Fully Impairing). This would be modified by the Threshold Strength Chart above.

                                       iv.        It is apparent from the books that a threshold has no power over normal non-magic using humans thus can be ignored by them.

    1. Magic Circles

                                          i.        After considering many options for a Magic Circle as described by the author, I decided the easiest and cheapest way to simulate this power would be to place a limitation on ALL magic: Cannot Penetrate A Magic Circle (-1/2).  I don’t see it as any more than a -1/2 as it is not going to be a commonly used ‘defense’.

                                        ii.        As for beings of the NeverNever and Underworld not being able to pass a circle, I have chosen to place the following on ALL magical creatures:  Physical Limitation:  Restricted By Magic Circles, if a Circle is in place the creature cannot affect anyone on the opposite side of the Circle unless it makes a skill vs. skill EGO roll at -5 against the caster (Infrequently, Fully Impairing).  The EGO roll test gives a Summoned creature a small chance of escaping and eating its summoner. This design allows such magically inept people as Waldo Butters to establish a magic circle with minimal instruction and no magic whatsoever.

                                       iii.        Magic circles have no affect on mortals, in fact the power of the circle is broken if the circle is crossed in any way by a mortal.  This includes throwing something mundane through the circle as well as actually stepping across the circle wall.

    1. Wards

                                          i.        Wards, once established, remain in place until removed by the caster or are broken by other means.

                                        ii.        All Wards have a Backlash (+1/2)

                                       iii.        All Wards have Costs END Only To Activate (+1/4).

                                       iv.        All Wards have Cannot Be Bypassed With Teleportation (+1/4)

                                        v.        All Wards have Affect Desolidified (+1/2)

                                       vi.        As a Special Effect the caster can allow free passage to whomever they might choose by use of a pendant or other such token.  To allow free passage to others not gifted with a token would require the Ward be lowered but it could be re-cast immediately as required.

    1. Changelings

                                          i.        Have some physical characteristics of the non-mortal parent.

                                        ii.        If the non-mortal parent has magic, the changeling will have it to a considerably lesser degree.  (approx. 33% of the non-mortal parent)  This condition remains until the changeling accepts the magical heritage then gains full power of that heritage.

                                       iii.        If the mortal parent has magic as well, the changeling is still limited to approximately 33% of the mortal parent.  The changeling does not have a choice of which parent the magic comes from.  This is my ruling and I justify this by concluding that since magic in the Dresdenverse comes from life, life of the MORTAL world, not the fey world the mortal magic will be dominant.

                                       iv.        The non-mortal parent can be just about anything from demon to pixie.  At this point I will only allow for the more logical pairings.  Faeries of the Courts, ogres, trolls, goblins, satyrs and such.

1.    Unseelie (Dark Elf)

2.    Seelie (Elf)

3.    Hobs

4.    Siren

5.    Nymph

6.    Dryad

7.    Naiad

8.    Oread

9.    Ogre

10. Satyr

11. Troll

  1. Inari – I just like the name.

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