The world is a stranger place then you might think.  All of your life you have been told tales of demons, vampires, werewolves and monsters.  They have been used to scare children and thrill movie goers.  They have been the subject of a multitude of books, scores of comic books and innumerable TV programs.  Its all in good clean fun, isn't it?

What if it wasn't?  What if there were trolls under the bridge and ghosts?  What if every folk story across the globe was based in truth?  What if there was a world they you didn't see?  Not COULDN'T see, but chose not to see?  What if magic were real and the world was populated by not only this myriad of monsters but human beings just like you that wielded powerful magic?

This is the Dresdenverse, loosely based on the works of Jim Butcher author of the Dresden Files books.

There are a lot of wizards in the world, other than Harry Dresden.  This is the story of one, Ash Darke, age 117.  A rare book dealer and adventurer.  A loner, except for his cat familiar Noir,  quietly going through life as a Warden of the White Council.  And this is what happens when he finds he is suddenly put in charge of an orphaned teenage girl, who has just found out she's a wizard as well.

Darke's Knights part 1
Darke's Knights part 2

*I don't claim to be an expert on the Dresden books and have taken a great deal of liberty in my interpretations.  You may also find a number of things creeping in around the edges that have nothing to do with JB's books.  Some of it will be my own ideas and some borrowed in part or on the whole from works by other authors.   So many books have been written on this genre and of late I have been reading them by the dozens so if I forget where something came from put it down to advancing age.  Hey, the whole idea is to have fun, right?*

If you find these characters to be too powerful, to bad.   I have long believed it is far better to make a complete character than one constrained by something so artificial as 'character points' so though I will adhere to the rules of Hero (the one true RPG) I take no note of the total points. 

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