The (Unoffical) HERO-Champions RPG Discord Character Depot
Herein are presented characters designed and built by their respective owners.  I make no claim to them and merely provide a medium for presentation to the HERO/Champions community.  They are presented as I received them with minor alterations in HTML only.  I do not correct spelling errors, grammatical errors or character creation errors nor do I offer opinion.  All are welcome and I hope to see this grow.
Artemis by Ghost Archer
Artemis is my first posted 6th Edition character.  As I had just created her not long ago, I was curious about how she'd fair in the conversion from 5th to 6th.  She is 350 in 5th, average beginner in my world.  In 6th, she is 447 which is 47 points more than what would be the average beginner if I ran a 6th campaign.
Battalion by Archive

Deathmaster by ThisLoserisYou
Fearmaster by ThisLoserisYou
Gravity Girl by CptPatriot aka Archie
Kuumwo by BaronRedcap

Plaguemaster by ThisLoserisYou
Warmaster by ThisLoserisYou