AKA Julia Gonzalez
Value CHAR Roll Notes
57 STR 20- Lift 67.6tons, Damage 11d6
22 DEX 13- Initiative 22
28 CON 15- Stun Threshold 28
13 INT 12- Perception 12-
15 EGO 12-  
23 PRE 14- Presence Attack 4 1/2d6
7 OCV  
8 DCV  
3 OMCV  
6 DMCV  
20/35 PD Total 20/35 (0/15 rPD)
20/35 ED Total 20/35 (0/15 rED)
6 SPEED Phases 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
10 REC  
55 END  
30 BODY  
50 STUN  
Type Combat Move Non-Combat Move
Run 42m 168m
Swim 4m 8m
H. Leap 54m 216m
V. Leap 27m 108m
Flight 40m 160m
Description Cost
Contact (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact has useful Skills or resources, Good relationship with Contact), Organization Contact (x3) (27 Active Points) 14- 27
Money: Wealthy 6
Description Cost
Onboard Tracking Computer: Absolute Range Sense (3 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 2
Resistance (+10 to roll) 10
Onboard Clock: Absolute Time Sense (3 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 2
Onboard Targeting Computer: Combat Sense (Analyze, Discriminatory, Sense, Tracking, Transmit) (34 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 12- 23
Experience Points
Base Points 800
Complications 75
Earned 0
Spent 0
Unspent 111
Total 689
Allocation Points
Characteristics 133
Martial Arts 32
Perks 33
Powers 377
Skills 77
Talents 37
As the enforcer of the Masters of Chaos, Warmaster is closely tied to the group as a whole. If a superhero sees Warmaster in action, they can expect Deathmaster to be the one pulling the strings. And once Warmaster has caught wind of the PC's, they have a tough battle on their hands. Having been mentally and psychologically conditioned to obey Deathmaster above all else, Warmaster doesn't join forces with other villains or participate in solo villainy (unless at the behest of Deathmaster, but this is extremely rare). And as a powerful brute, Warmaster is sure to always give a tough fight. If Warmaster is too powerful, consider reducing her Killing Damage and Characteristics. Or even taking some powers away.
Warmaster does not really believe in the concept of "holding back". Outfitted with the strongest weapons Deathmaster could forge, Warmaster is a terror on the battlefield. In combat, she will charge whoever she deems is the strongest member of the enemy to engage them in combat, often firing her long range weapons first before diving in with her plasma sickles. If deciding to face multiple foes, Warmaster will utilize her built-in grenade launcher to scatter them. If an opponent closes into melee range, Warmaster will almost always engage them in melee combat and ignore most other threats (beyond an impending great danger). Warmaster obviously favors battle over diplomacy, with only a word from Deathmaster ever staying her hand. Should she feel the need to cow potential enemies into submission, though, Warmaster may give a few quick terms of surrender before charging into battle.
"Flee now, or I shall destroy you, hero. No?.....Good."
Trait Value
Height 1.78 m
Weight 67.00 kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Before her transformation, Warmaster was the rough Julia Gonzalez. She stood at 5'10 with a muscular build and brown skin. Her black hair was cut short and closely cropped, yet messy. When out, Julia favored tight fitting clothes and snug, long jeans. As Warmaster, she stands at a taller 6'3, with a seemingly masculine appearance. The armor's paint scheme is red and black, with a few weapons being displayed on the outer edges of the suit (though still attached) in various locations: A shoulder-mounted cannon on her right shoulder, two sickle-like weapons attached to her back, and a slew of grenades strapped to her armor's waist. When active, these weapons tend to glow either red (the shoulder cannon) or blue (everything else).
Complication Cost
Hunted: NCI Infrequently (Mo Pow; Capture) 15
Enraged: Insult, Being Called Weak (Common), go 11-, recover 14- 15
Psychological Complication: Reckless (Common; Strong) 15
Dependence: Must Remain Inside Armor Weakness: -3 To Characteristic Rolls and related rolls per time increment (Very Common; 1 Hour) 5
Psychological Complication: Conditioned To Obey Deathmaster (Common; Total) 20
Unluck: 1d6: 1d6 5
Roll Skill Cost
Defense Maneuver I-II 5
16- Demolitions 11
12- Electronics 3
14- Interrogation 3
12- KS 3
Language (idiomatic; literate) (5 Active Points) 0
Language (completely fluent; literate) 4
13- Lockpicking 3
12- Navigation (Air, Land) 3
14- PS 5
12- Security Systems 3
14- Streetwise 3
16- Tactics 11
+2 with All Attacks 20
Maneuver Cost
Charge: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, -2 DCV, 13d6 +v/10 Strike, FMove 4
Flying Dodge: 1/2 Phase, -- OCV, +4 DCV, Dodge All Attacks, Abort; FMove 5
Flying Grab: 1/2 Phase, -2 OCV, -1 DCV, Grab Two Limbs, 67 STR for holding on; FMove 5
Flying Tackle: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, -1 DCV, 11d6 +v/10 Strike; You Fall, Target Falls; FMove 3
Martial Block: 1/2 Phase, +2 OCV, +2 DCV, Block, Abort 4
Martial Dodge: 1/2 Phase, -- OCV, +5 DCV, Dodge, Affects All Attacks, Abort 4
Martial Grab: 1/2 Phase, -1 OCV, -1 DCV, Grab Two Limbs, 67 STR for holding on 3
Martial Strike: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +2 DCV, 13d6 Strike 4
Maneuver Phase OCV DCV Effect
Block ½ +0 +0 Block HTH Attacks, Abort
Brace 0 +2 ½ Offset Range Mod only
Disarm ½ -2 +0 STR Contest to Disarm
Dodge ½ -- +3 Dodge all attacks, Abort
Grab ½ -1 -2 Grab 2 limbs for Squeeze, Slam, or Throw
Grab By ½ -2 -2 Full Move, Grab Target, +(v/10) to STR
Haymaker ½ +0 -5 +1 Segment for +4 DCs to attack
Move By ½ -2 -2 Full Move, ((STR/2)+(v/10))d6, take 1/3 damage
Move Through ½ -v/10 -3 Full Move, (STR+(v/6))d6, take 1/2 or full damage
Multiple Attack 1 * ½ Each attack adds -2 OCV
Set 1 +1 +0 Aim Ranged attack
Shove ½ -1 -1 Push Target 1m per 5 STR used
Strike ½ +0 +0 STR or Weapon damage
Throw ½ +0 +0 Throw for STR or Weapon damage
Trip ½ -1 -2 Target falls prone
Interval OCV
0-8m 0
9-16m -2
17-32m -4
33-64m -6
65-125m -8
126-250m -10
Shot OCV Roll
Head Shot (Head to Shoulders) -4 1d6+3
High Shot (Head to Vitals) -2 2d6+1
Body Shot (Hands to Legs) -1 2d6+4
Low Shot (Shoulders to Feet) -2 2d6+7*
Leg Shot (Vitals to Feet) -4 1d6+12
*Treat 19 as the Feet Location
Roll Location STUN x N STUN BODY OCV
3-5 Head x5 x2 x2 -8
6 Hands x1 -6
7-8 Arms x2 -5
9 Shoulders x3 x1 x1 -5
10-11 Chest x3 x1 x1 -3
12 Stomach x4 x1½ x1 -7
13 Vitals x4 x1½ x1 -8
14 Thighs x2 x1 x1 -4
15-16 Legs x2 -6
17-18 Feet x1 -8
END Description Cost
4 +45 STR (45 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 30
+10 DEX (20 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 13
+20 CON (20 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 13
+10 PRE (10 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 7
+3 OCV (15 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 10
+5 DCV (25 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 17
+2 SPD (20 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 13
0 Endurance Reserve (200 END, 10 REC) (58 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 39
0 Hailfire Armor: Resistant Protection (15 PD/15 ED/5 Power Defense), Impenetrable (+1/4), Hardened (+1/4) (81 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 54
0 Life Support System: Life Support (Immunity Fungal Infections; Immunity: Asphyxiants; Safe in High Pressure; Safe in High Radiation; Safe in Intense Cold; Safe in Intense Heat; Safe in Low Pressure/Vacuum; Self-Contained Breathing) (23 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 15
Movement System Multipower, 50-point reserve, (50 Active Points); all slots OIF (-1/2) 33
3 1) Running +30m (42m total), x4 Noncombat (35 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 2f
3 2) Leaping +50m (54m forward, 27m upward) (Accurate, x4 Noncombat) (35 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 2f
5 3) Hailfire Jets: Flight 40m, Position Shift, x4 Noncombat (50 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 3f
0 Onboard Sensors: Nightvision: (5 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 3
0 Onboard Radar Sense: Radar (Radio Group) 15
0 Onboard Network Access: High Range Radio Perception (Radio Group) (12 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 8
0 Onboard Heat Detection: Infrared Perception (Sight Group) (5 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 3
0 Onboard Sonic Detector: Ultrasonic Perception (Hearing Group) (3 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 2
0 Onboard Ultraviolet Detector: Ultraviolet Perception (Sight Group) 5
Hailfire Arsenal Multipower, 100-point reserve, (100 Active Points); all slots OIF (-1/2) 67
3 1) Gauntlet Blasters: Blast 14d6, Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) (87 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 6f
[4] 2) Plasma Grenade: Blast 12d6, Area Of Effect (5m Radius Explosion; +1/4) (75 Active Points); 4 Charges (-1), OIF (-1/2) 3f
20 3) Electrocute: Blast 11d6+1, STUN Only (+0), Personal Immunity (+1/4), Armor Piercing (x2; +1/2) (100 Active Points); No Range (-1/2), Increased Endurance Cost (x2 END; -1/2), OIF (-1/2), Conditional Power Power does not work in Uncommon Circumstances (Only Affects Those Touching/Grabbing Warmaster; -1/4) 4f
[3] 4) Smoke Grenade: Darkness to Sight Group and Active Sonar 10m radius (55 Active Points); 3 Charges (-1 1/4), OIF (-1/2), Limited Power Power loses about a fourth of its effectiveness (Only effects normal sight; -1/4) 2f
[8] 5) Plasma Lancer: Killing Attack - Ranged 4d6, Autofire (2 shots; +1/4) (75 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), 2 clips of 8 Charges (-1/4) 4f
5 6) Hell Cutters: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 3d6 (6 1/2d6 w/STR) (Reduced Negation (5)) (55 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 4f
Julia Gonzalez was a small time crook. She was the roughest in her neighborhood. But there was always someone stronger. No matter how tough she got, Julia was always beat by a tougher kid on the block, well into her adult years. All this changed with her most ambitious gig yet--a common thug for a bonafide supervillain, Lunarr. It was a simple job for what was promising to lead to even bigger jobs later on down the line. It was a weapon sale from the mysterious "Mr. Bones" to Lunarr and his goons. Just a few tests before Lunarr would make the full purchase. But it was a trap! Gangrenous creatures rose from the shadows and systematically tore apart the entire gang! Lunarr himself was slain.. Unbeknownst to Lunarr and his gang, "Mr. Bones" is an alias used by Deathmaster himself. The entire weapon trade was a scam, designed to be an experiment for their latest combat mutants. Fearmaster and Plaguemaster were also in attendance, in secret. But even as the gang was completely routed, the sound of battle still remained.Deathmaster arrived on the scene of Julia killing one of the combat mutants with nothing but a machete. Picking up her fallen brethren's shotgun, she stood at the ready, half alive, to blast any of the mutants surrounding her. Before anyone could strike, the mutants stepped back and made way for the three Masters. Deathmaster applauded her spirit and offered her a position. Accept, and come with them. Or refuse, and be destroyed. Needless to say, Julia agreed. Over the next few months, Julia Gonzalez would become the Masters' eyes on the ground. The more jobs she ran for them, the more "power ups" they infused into her. At first they were simple, samplings of Plaguemaster's combat drugs. Busting other gangs and getting money for them was just the first step. Next it got more complicated. The Masters provided her with advanced weapons and cybernetic implants courtesy of Deathmaster and protective mental strenghtening provided by Fearmaster. This state of her life, Julia decided, was good. The money flowed, the respect grew, and even low level supers were growing wary. But all good things must come to an end. During a routine gig, Julia (going by the codename "War") met her match against the superhero, Overlauncher. The battle saw War being handily defeated, her body caught in an explosion by accident! But War did not die. In secret, the Masters recovered her body and embarked on their most ambitious project yet--they would combine their efforts to make the ultimate human weapon. Julia hung on by a thread throughout the entire process, her body badly burned by the explosion. Plaguemaster worked first, healing her body and infusing it with one of his latest mutagenic creations. Next, Fearmaster subjected Julia to horrifying imagery and injected her with drugs to slowly eat away at her ego and condition her mind to no longer feel fear, sorrow or mercy. Even her memories were being erased. Finally, Deathmaster awaited. He put forth a mighty effort and forged Julia a powerful suit of power armor to encase her body. The powerful armor, dubbed the "Hailfire Suit" would become like Julia's second skin, unable to ever leave it. Fused to the armor and devoid of most memories before this very moment, the woman Julia was no more--now, only "Warmaster"!
Warmaster is the main muscle of the Masters of Chaos: Strong, determined, and ruthless. Few things interest her beyond serving Deathmaster and getting into fights with worthy opponents. Julia was hardly a moral person before donning the Hailfire armor, but Fearmaster's "reprogramming" has warped the woman into a killing machine that no longer resembles the person she was before. Now cruel and ruthless Warmaster will seek to not just kill, but utter annihilate any enemy before her. Sometimes to her own detriment!The only spark remaining of Warmaster's original personality manifests in the drive to surpass herself and others, an ingrained inferiority complex buried so deep within her subconscious that not even Fearmaster (an acclaimed psychologist) could remove it. There were times where Warmaster was beaten, bruised, and left defeated by a stronger force. And a hatred of her own perceived weakness. Enemies looking to bedevil Warmaster know this to be her greatest strength and her greatest weakness--Warmaster does not tolerate weakness, and will lash out if someone even hints they think she is no good in a fight. Other than some small hints of a personality, Warmaster is otherwise nearly emotionless. She can impose an astounding will upon her enemies when she needs to. However, most of the time, Warmaster will simply take what she wants and destroy anyone who dares resist. Fitting, as Deathmaster had her programmed to destroy and not much else. To Deathmaster, she is his most powerful and destructive human weapon. To keep Warmaster under control, Deathmaster had her mind altered to be fanatically devoted to his every whim. When he says "destroy this" or "retreat for now", Warmaster cannot disobey. It would seem that, for the most part, Warmaster simply doesn't care. So long as she gets to fight and win, it matters little who or what it is she is fighting.