The British Knights

      On 4 July, 2009, the United States presented to the world their national metahuman team, the Minuteman Project.  The effect on the world was electrifying.  Within hours many countries announced the formation of similar teams, the first being the Russian Federation, quickly followed by the People's Republic of China.
     The difference for the rest of the world was that the Russia had annouced the first ever metahuman with Red Guard in 1963, and the Chinese had been battling the first ever metahuman supervillain, Shennong since 1964.  Everyone else was playing catch up.  A few nations had experience with the so called Mystery Men of the 30s and 40s.  Britain, France, Germany and Japan had all fielded exceptionally gifted men and women during World War II but few had survived.
     For over two decades Britain had the national hero Union Jack who spent most of his career in Northern Ireland.  While he proved to be an overwhelming force in combat against the IRA, but it was not this that he was known for.  It was his humanity, his willingness to put his life on the line to save the innocents caught up in the Troubles.  His 'body count' was not what was reported but rather his 'save count' that was publicized.
     Now with the American announcement, Britain has put out a call to arms and the first to answer was the 63 year old Union Jack and with him came his daughter, Union Jack II. 

The Knights
Dr. Mike Abraham
Union Jack I
Union Jack II

The Military
British SAS(M)

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